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Bayfront 20:20 Success

Bayfront20It is with great pride and appreciation that we can announce that the Sarasota City Commission unanimously and enthusiastically adopted the Bayfront 20:20 vision statement and implementation principles last night that you helped create.

We are extremely humbled and honored by the support you have all given us over this initial phase.

Our volunteer chairman Michael Klauber addressed the commission saying “with your support, tonight will be remembered as a moment at which history was made in Sarasota.”

And indeed, it was!

Commissioner Suzanne Atwell noted last night, “I’ve never seen anything that has exhibited such collective political will as this initiative. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with extraordinary vision for Sarasota.”

Commissioner Eileen Normile added, “I’d like to thank you all – you’ve done a tremendous job and have been the nexus of the community. You have jump started this effort and I don’t know where we’d be if you hadn’t done this.”

Up next, the commission will evaluate our recommendation to establish a technical working group to guide the process as it moves forward and to form a road map for the future. This group, comprised of key city staff, technical experts and stakeholders, will be tasked with providing advice to the commission. The goal being — to develop a concise technical knowledge base for the city-owned property, to coincide with the assessment efforts of the Van Wezel Foundation and Sarasota Orchestra.

The Sarasota Orchestra and the Van Wezel will complete their cultural needs assessment by late spring, providing a clearer picture of how they fit into that road map.

Moving forward, we will continue to need your support, guidance and engagement in this process. As we celebrate this historical achievement, we are thankful to the commission for endorsing our vision – vision – and we look forward to creating an iconic legacy on the Sarasota Bayfront that future generations can enjoy.

This was not the effort of one person or one organization. This was the effort of an entire community of dedicated stakeholders and people vested in the future of our great region. We can’t wait to see what comes next and vow to keep you posted and informed every step of the way!